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Regina Caeli Secondary School

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Light of the World, We shall shine.

Welcome to the Rcaeli Family! We are super-excited to have you onboard. In fact, we are so thrilled that you are making an excellent decision to join our School Community Network (SCN). Thumps up!

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RCSS Vision

To prepare, develop and educate the whole person with minds for Truth, hearts for Love, Hands for Service and to Shine out as Lights of the World to the Glory of God the Father.


RCSS is located in an environment with a Serene and Refreshing ambience that inspires ideas, encourages healthy thinking and promotes students with visions to think and act beyond the limits of the curriculum thereby fostering excellence.

Designed Small Class Size for individualized training by qualified and committed staff members.

Learning foundation that equips them to survive in a real world and not an idealistic one. The RCSS formation aims at producing citizens that are going to be change agents- citizens Read More ...


Month Day Date Remark
January Saturday 4th January, 2020 Boarders Resumption
Monday 6th January, 2020 Resumption of Day Students...

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From the Principal's Desk

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”
-Malcolm X
We affirm that tomorrow is what we make of today. We are living in a world charged by myriads of imbalances- imbalances which may not have arisen intentionally but by a culpable over-indulgence or over-stimulation of one or more aspects of our lives compared to the others. Read More ...

Msnry. Mary Frances O.

The Principal, Regina Caeli Secondary School
Email: principal@reginacaelisch.edu.net

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School Hostel

Our ICT Room is fully equipped with modern computer systems to help students acquire valuable skills in ICT in order to compete favorably in the world at large. Teachers also use the room to deliver computer aided lessons to facilitate students learning outcomes in given topics.

Equiped Library

School Library

Our fully equipped library system is stocked with choice books ranging from subject text books from various authors, novels, encyclopedias, dictionaries and reference books; journals, spiritual literatures etc. covering many fields of learning like Arts, Sciences, Space science, Religion etc.

Health Care

Health Care

We have a well-run clinic to meet all basic health needs of students. The clinic has a resident matron and is linked with the Medical Doctor working at Advocata Nostra Medical Center in Town.

Upcoming Events

  • Event Title :  School Resumption
    Boarders Resumption (gate closes at 5pm)
      2020-01-06  08:00:00


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